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April 07, 2009

Easter projects you can make

Some last-minute crafts to whip up for Easter:
Baby bunnies pattern download from Larissa Holland's Etsy shop (above)
Origami bunnies from Canon
Easter clip art projects at Martha Stewart
Printable Easter card from Benign Objects
Rabbit embroidery pattern by Helen Dardick
Fabric eggs at Retro Mama
Printable Easter stickers and cards from Living Locurto

(Image from Larissa Holland)


Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Thanks for adding my link. I love your site and was excited to be here:-) That baby bunny is adorable!

Julia said...

Thanks for these great links!!! I really love your blog. Your Ideas are so great! I think I will do these little envelope bags with the heartshaped paper clips as little give aways on my wedding.
Thank your for such great ideas sharing with us!
Greetings from Hamburg

Grandma G said...

Aren't those little bunnies and their blankies just the cutest things ever? I love 'em!


Pinktulip said...

I visit your blog daily and love reading your posts, even if they are not always about sewing. (This is the first time I am leaving a comment!) Your blog is really interesting and inspiring. Hope you had a great birthday! Thanks for great links to interesting topics.

vicki said...

Omg.....these are so cute, Jessica. Thanks for all the creative ideas! ~ Vicki

kh said...

Love it love it love it! Too bad I don't sew (or anything else...) Fun to look at and dream though!

Gay McDonell said...

thanks for those bunnies - they are totally cute and very clever!

Christy said...

Those baby bunnies are so cute!!!

Leito said...

love the links you share with us....really great projects!
btw, i loved your site, i visit it daily :)

Unknown said...

The little baby bunnies are so cute! =] I think I'll make one for my daughter, she'll love it.

Waxy said...

A bunny in a diaper! I love it!

Larissa Holland said...

whoa, thanks for the mention of my bunnies! and very happy easter to you and yours.

Deirdre said...

haha! that bunny in diapers made me laugh, for some reason.

love this blog!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

I love your blog! This is my first visit! I will follow or subscribe if I can! Thanks for all the adorable ideas!

Dana said...

great post here!

love the lil' bunny shown here.
checked out the links they ae all handy :)


LilithEvy said...

This baby bunny is so amazing and cute!!!

Thank you to share yhis with us!

Anonymous said...

lol cutest bunny ever. i very much wish i had the skills to make one!