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December 06, 2012

Calligraphy gift tags and more

The annual 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads has kicked off at Suite Muffin Suite. Ms. Muffin has designed some lovely hand-drawn calligraphy gift tags you can download and print. Or get desktop wallpapers, printable cards, and decorations from various designers. Check the blog throughout December as new freebies are added!


Grandma G said...

Oohh... lotsa cool stuff there! And last year's are listed, too!


Muffin said...

Thanks Jess for listing these! What a sweet lady you are! I hope you're enjoying the holidays! Happy Holidays to you!

Muffin :o)

Piia Anneli said...

Oh these are just so very lovely! Thank you!

Nancy said...

thanks for sharing. these are gorgeous.

Sara Tall said...

Oh How cute! Thanks for sharing!