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December 01, 2011

Retro printable Christmas boxes and tags

If you like nostalgic Christmas graphics, you'll get a kick out of these tiny Christmas boxes from artist Jason Snyder. One set is designed to look like vintage boxes of lights from dime stores, while other sets feature old-fashioned gift wrap. Get them here.

Print out Jason's templates at a size you like and assemble these little guys. (A thank you goes to Alex for cooperating when I thrust a box into his hand and commanded him to stand by the window so I could take a picture.)

And you likely need some retro gift tags for your presents. If so, grab some of these freebies from My Girl Thursday.


tj said...

...Se-weet! :o)

...Thank you!


Cheyney said...

omgosh i remember every single one of these designs from when i was little! i ♥ nostalgia

Rose Clearfield said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing!

Vicki Johnson said...

retro rocks. and by the way i notice orange always now! thanks ♥

Tecnico Pc said...

Thanks for the inspiration and beauty!

Grandma G said...

Those designs look awfully familiar! Thanks for a new project to do with MissC... she'll love the boxes!

Nice hand, Alex!


Anonymous said...

Super cute labels - Thanks!
We are going with brown craft paper wrapping this year (if all goes to plan, paper will be printed with potato stamps) and I think these labels will go perfectly!
Thanks again
Emma x

qotfu 72 AT yahoo dot com dot au

Luisa said...

Thanks for sharing. I could use a few boxes.

rilojane said...

The tags are perfect. I foresee some brown paper packages tagged up with those cute babies!
And as for the boxes- I just stared at the computer screen for a few minutes, repeating the words in my head, "What could I put in that..."

I can't come up with anything yet... but I'm still going to make some!

Judy said...

Alex has gorilla hands!

Anonymous said...

Super cute!

Unknown said...

oh dear...i love these tags! i have to read a x-mas book daily for my daughter...and it's illustrated right with these pictures!
thanks a lot for this!

best wishes, doro K.

Annika said...

Oh wow, blast from the past! I love the tags! As a kid, I had an advent calendar in book form. It contained one story a day for the 24 days of advent, with exactly those illustrations! I must find the book. I wonder if my parents have it, still. Thanks for sharing these and the boxes, and stirring up Christmas memories!

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