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May 12, 2014

Illustrated wallpapers for Apple devices

Lagom, a company that creates contemporary paper products and gifts, makes some of their art available as wallpapers for iPads and iPhones. Find a selection of illustrated goodies free for the downloading right here!


Grandma G said...

My iPad and I shall go have a look. Thanks!


P.S. I bet they can't top my kitten collage lockscreen, though! ;)

Eleanor Rae said...

Oooh thank you! Just swapped mine for the grey one, it's lovely xxx

tiffany. said...

you're my go to gal for all things fun and DIY... thats why you're my fave!


DianaLuv said...

I love love love these. I hope to see more posts like these in the future :)

Unknown said...

I love it!

Griffin said...

guess I got here late, linky no worky.