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April 11, 2014

It's Friday!

Happy weekend, everybody. I'm hoping to plant some stuff in the dirt patch by our curb. And paint a dresser. And some art for our walls. Also clean and do laundry and read books and go to church and see friends and try a new restaurant and go for walks. I can do all those things, right? Wishing you a weekend impossibly full of good things, too.

(Awesome typographic desk calendar by Simone Massoni.)


Amy said...

It sounds like it will be a wonderful, magical weekend. I hope you get a chance to do all those things. ^_^

Grandma G said...

Wow, you're ambitious! Good to know your weekend is off to a good start tonight. ;)


Jessica Jones said...

Well, I did six of those things. The dirt patch took WAY more time than we thought. And I knew I would be too lazy to start that dresser. :) It was a great weekend.