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April 14, 2014

Director's chair in Arrow

Here's a fun project using my new Arrow fabric— a director's chair upholstered by LiEr Teigland of Ikat Bag. LiEr took apart this second-hand chair, made a new seat and back rest, and put it back together again, with a twist:

The pattern is reversible and can be flipped at a moment's notice! Yes. She's smart like that. I wish I had her brain.

This chair is perfect for fabric lovers, since it can display prints nicely and the fabric can be swapped out. It's also perfect for managerial types, since you can tote it from room to room, sit in it, and direct your minions to do as you wish.

To see how LiEr executed this chair makeover, read about it here on her blog.

Then come back here tomorrow for a follow-up guest tutorial, because LiEr just couldn't leave well enough alone and had to go and invent another awesome project using Arrow.

Purchase the fabric here from The Needle Shop!


Grandma G said...

The chair could also be used to 'direct' people as to which way to go by utilizing the ARROWS. Haha.


Now that I've used up my brilliance for the day, I'm off to see how LiEr did it!

Jessica Jones said...

Yes. Like if I want Alex to clean the shower, I flip the back rest upside down, position the chair so the arrows point at the mildewy tile, and place a bottle of tile spray on the seat. Fabulous!

Grandma G said...

It definitely beats sending him a text like you usually do.

Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

Love it! The fabric really turns that chair into a statement piece.
Also love the more practical applications, haha. I think my cats would point the arrows at their food bowl.

Julie b said...

Grandma g. You are the best!