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February 25, 2014

Free font: Akura Popo

I've gotten a few requests for the name of the main typeface I used on yesterday's Oscar bingo cards. It's Brothers Regular, available from for $49. If you're looking for something free that has similar 19th century squared-off properties, try Akura Popo by Twicolabs Design. It's fair game for personal and commercial use. Akura Popo is more condensed and you'll have to do some manual kerning, but it might come in handy for your craft beer and banjo night invitations. Get it here.

P.S. I almost hit the publish button without noticing I'd made an unfortunate typographical error on "Popo." I have corrected it.


Grandma G said...

Aw, shucks! That typo would've been sooo fun!! :)


Pascale said...

Great font, thanks Jess ! Longtime reader here, I hardly ever comment but really, you're the best :) (always looking forward to Grandma G's comments too)

Jessica Jones said...

Thank you, Pascale!

Grandma G said...

Yeah... thank you, Pascale! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks! You always find the best free fonts!

★Wan Jing said...

i count on your judgement when it comes to tasteful free fonts.

haha cute note about the typo.