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September 27, 2013

Great upholstery staple remover

I wanted to take the fabric off the Craigslist chairs and see how tough it would be to recover them myself. In the past I've just used a screwdriver, but it can be a pain to work the tip under a staple. Frustration escalates until I want to stab the chair violently with the screwdriver, Psycho style.

My chairs have hundreds of staples hidden under single and double welt cord (which I've learned is usually hot glued on, not stapled, actually.) To avoid deupholstery rage this time, I researched online to see if there's a better tool for digging staples out, and found the DoubleRock staple remover. I bought one. It. Is. Fantastic.

All the staples hidden under here need to come out. Where are they?

The DoubleRock's prongs can wiggle under there and catch the staple, and then you twist the tool to pry it out. The nose of the tool acts like a lever so it's no sweat to raise the staple. Here's a nice YouTube video showing how to use this thing. I bought mine here at Amazon. I highly recommend it if you plan to remove lots of staples from furniture.


Grandma G said...

Well, isn't that just a fabulous thing?! Glad you found it!

Are you keeping count of the staples? ;)


Unknown said...

We just stumbled upon your blog and love, love, love it!

We'll definitly be back.

Have a wonderful weekend

and love from Germany,

Birdy and Bambi

Winter Redd said...

I need this! Last summer, I pulled out hundreds (!) of staples from a chair I'm re-doing with a sad little butter knife, and in my anger, I have not revisited the chair since then.

Thanks for sharing. Maybe my half done chair will actually get done now!

Georgi P. said...

What can't you buy at amazon?! Have fun - get ready to wreck your hands, atleast that's what I did!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I learn of this when redoing my dining chairs?! Sob

Anonymous said...

It's tools like this that might get me to try reupholstering more stuff. I HATE trying to get the staples out of things!

Malia said...

That's just what I need. I wasn't sure where to start looking for one of those. Thanks for the recommendation!