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September 13, 2013

A light fixture for our parlor

There is no overhead light in our parlor, though it looks like there was at one time. We could use flashlights at night or pack the room full of Craigslist table lamps, but a beautiful piece of ceiling jewelry sounds more elegant. The rooms that do have non-ceiling-fan overhead lights have brass fixtures; either aged antique ones or shiny yellow brass that was stylish in the '80s. So we're going with brass. In the form of a drum pendant, to contrast the fixture in the entry. We did look at some antique fixtures, but they were outside our budget.

These new lights were all contenders, but some were too small, too expensive, not enough bulbs, or a different finish than the picture. We ordered #2 without seeing a floor model, yikes! I called around a bit but couldn't locate one. Fingers crossed.

If you're in the market for a large drum pendant, try these:
1. Five Light Chandelier
2. ELK Lighting Preston Drum Pendant (at Joss & Main now for a big discount!)
3. Hinkley Zelda 3-Light Drum Pendant
4. Large Cosmo Pendant
5. Quorum French Damask Vintage Pewter Pendant Light, multiple sizes
6. Five Lights Iron Pendant

When the room has both furniture and light, I'll share a picture.


Grandma G said...

Gee, they're all really pretty! I think you chose the best one, though. :)


Jessica Jones said...

Thanks for the second opinion. Good answer, cuz it's too late to change my mind now!

Samantha - Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog said...

Hurray! #2 was my favorite one of the bunch! I'm sure it will look great.

It's been so fun to watch your decorating progress. I can't wait until it's my turn!

Jessica Jones said...

Thanks, Samantha!

Bettum Villa said...

They're all beautiful. Cant wait to see more.

sam said...

nice and beautyful

kansasgirl1 said...

#2 was my choice, too, even before I saw that was the one you chose. I can hardly wait to see it in your parlor!

Miss. A. said...

they're all sooo pretty. I love them

Miss. A. said...

they're all sooo pretty. I love them

Unknown said...

LOVE all those light fixtures!


Marriam Bannily said...

I enjoy Large Cosmo pendant