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August 20, 2013

A designerly 2013 / 2014 planner

Thank you to Poppin for sending over something fun: this 2013/2014 planner ($15). I like the debossed lettering on the leather-like cover, and the typography inside is a lovely sans serif which gradates from turquoise in the front of the book to lime green in the back. Of course the best part is the bright orange ribbon bookmark.

There's a pocket in the back full of stickers! Hee! Each month has a month-at-a-glance spread, followed by weekly individual pages opposite lined paper for notes.

On the US map in the back I learned that Ohio is farther east than Mississippi. WHAT?!? Clearly I have no idea where I'm now located.

Ironically, I lost my old planner in the move. It's got to be in a bag somewhere? I normally use those cheapo month-at-a-glance ones from Walgreens, because at the most I only have two meetings to write in those little daily squares. The trouble is the design is always so ugly it pains me. I immediately detach the puppy photo from the front. I just bought a new one, but this Poppin thing is very timely. I'll try it out. It's a bigger book than I need, but it's pretty!

P.S. Poppin sells office goodies by color — check out the orange section!


Grandma G said...

Lucky you!

Trust me... you're a loooong way east!!


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I love the embossed cover, and the stickers are too cute! It's classy with a fun twist!

Man van said...

WOw! This planner is amazingly awesome! Modern and minimalistic! I'm lovin it!

Laura S. said...

I love Poppin! I have the stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, ruler, inboxes, bits & bobs tray, accessory tray, pen cup, clipboard, pebble eraser, map tacks, sticky notes, and mouse pad––all in ORANGE, of course! Great products. I'm obsessed. I really like this planner, but I wish it came in orange. Hopefully they'll make it in more colors!

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Jessica Jones said...

I agree! Where's the orange one??? :)

Kim said...

Very cute! I love the stickers! Ever since Google came into my life, I've used the Google calendar to keep organized, but this Poppin planner is pretty adorable!

jintyoo7 said...

Lovely planner :)

jintyoo7 said...

Yikes, I have just been to the Poppin website and spent a small fortune - LOL!

Found a code for $20 off when you spend $100 :)
Code BTS20 - good until 8/31/2013 (also BTS10, for $10 off $40).

I hope I haven't "breached" any rules by posting this!

Jessica Jones said...

Awesome! Thanks!

susiesquash said...

I so understand your Mississippi comment. We moved to Cleveland Ohio in the late 80's from Connecticut. I remember not knowing exactly where in the US it was. And had no clue what the capital was. A friend assured me,"God is in Ohio too"

Jenna said...

You're in Ohio now? WELCOME! I'm a transplant myself, originally from Pittsburgh.

I love the stickers on this planner.

Debie Grace said...

Oh! I like this one. Cute!!