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July 02, 2013

Recipe book: Small Gatherings

Another cookbook I'm looking forward to testing is Small Gatherings: Seasonal Menus for Cozy Dinners by Jessica Strand. It offers complete menus divided by season, with suggestions for what to make the day before, hours before guests arrive, and at the last minute. That way you'll have maximum time to spend with your company instead of being tied to the kitchen. I love that the timing is planned out— then I don't have to think so hard. The food is fancier than I normally make, but still pretty easy to prepare. Lots of fresh ingredients are put together into simple, elegant dishes that will trick friends into thinking I'm sophisticated.

There are seasonal drink recipes, like Spicy Ginger Mint Cocktails.

I'm definitely making this Crostini with Goat Cheese, Garlic, and Grapes. I might forget the name of it and accidentally serve it as "Yummy Stuff on Toast," but it will taste great.

The photos are inspiring.

Photo by Sheri Giblin.

The publisher has provided a sample spring menu for us to try. Download and print out these recipes:
Spring Pea Soup with Mint and Toasted Pistachios
Fingerling Potatoes With Herbed Whole Yogurt
Salmon en Papillote With Dill
Perfectly Rosie Peaches with Crème Fraîche

Small Gatherings is available here at Amazon. Enjoy!


Kim said...

Ooh, what a fun cookbook! Would be perfect for.... a small gathering ;) Thanks for sharing!

Grandma G said...

Pa and I will be happy to let you experiment on us in your new home! :)


Jessica Jones said...

I gladly will! Hope you like things you can't pronounce.

Grandma G said...

They're probably the best! Ha!


Kathryn W. said...

Oohh fun!! I just bought an immersion blender but haven't taken the time to look for a soup recipe. I have company this week so it's absolutely perfect, thank you so much for sharing!!

Kitty said...

Long time reader, first time commenting! I printed off 3 of the four recipes and am cooking up a storm this evening. Apparently I am celebrating Wednesday night here in Australia. Peaches aren't in season here, so I am doing an apple crumble for dessert. Just had to share! Thank you for the inspiration! Kitty x

Jessica Jones said...

Tell me how they turn out, you guys!