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December 17, 2012

A roundup of holiday wallpaper freebies

If your desktop, phone, or tablet could use a dash of festivity, download these free Christmas wallpapers in assorted sizes.

Above, wallpaper from Ampersand Design Studio with a matching gift tag download

From Wordpress, in blue and red versions

From Ciera Designs

From West Elm, an assortment of choices

From The Henry Ford (scroll down a bit when you get there)

From Eleanor Grosch, a variety of options

From ModCloth, various designs


annie dee said...


Dog Mom said...

awesome! Thanks!

Grandma G said...

Ah, I beatcha to it this time! I searched around and found some Christmas backgrounds for myself a couple days ago. Shoulda known you'd do this... woulda saved me some time, too. 'Course now I can swap them out, too... maybe a new one for every day till Christmas, huh? ;)


Sarah said...

Those are wonderful wallpapers!

able mabel said...

Every year I say - "Someday I'll make a snow globe like the one you have pictured here." but someday never comes. Maybe I should just settle for one on my desktop wallpaper.

Ciera said...

Thanks for including my design!

Lau said...

Great!! Thanks!! I make wallpapers too! You are invited! From Argentina :)


Anonymous said...

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