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November 02, 2012

DIY ideas for blank walls

Blank walls are always a challenge, unless you've got an interior designer, artist friends, or buckets of money. I've collected some wall art ideas here on Pinterest that require varying amounts of skill to execute. If you've got a wall that needs some help, maybe something will spark an idea. I won't blame you if you don't attempt the one that requires 350,000 Post-it notes.


Michelle said...

I love looking at your blog. I find it very inspiring. I would love some advice on decorating brick walls. My house is all double brick and as such it is wonderful textures and certainly it is a lot less work with no painting and no grubby fingers when the kids growing up. It is harder to make the walls look attractive. Could you offer some advice or better some photos for these. I don't necessrily want just a country look.

Grandma G said...

Well, I certainly have some blank walls..... Maybe someday I should do something about them, huh?


Debie Grace said...

These are all nice and awesome! I hope I'm good at painting, though. :D

Bronwyn said...

Just amazing. Every time I visit you there is something that just blows me away!

As a suggestion to Michelle, there are a couple of ideas here that could cover brick walls. You have to think large scale - eg rugs hung on wall, huge canvases (you can get blank ones on the "$2 shops" in Sydney [but they wont be $2]) that you could do enormous string art or oversized cross stitch (it's a little bit country, but your ar subverting the tradtion by making it modern!), or just let young children loose with paint bombs.

Anonymous said...

Klasse Ideen. Ich kam ├╝ber Rosenfee hierher.

Bis bald

PG Jaris

Mickey said...

I think your previous post about postcard wall art is awesomely in theme with this board.

I have a collection of postcards and I framed a few. I used to get picture postcards from the places that I visited, but now I usually try to find more sophisticated looking ones, like reproductions of old photographs or lithographs. It makes for beautiful and cheap wall art.

Lena said...

I love the garage door! Nice inspiration for DIY projects on bank walls. Funny - I was thinking about the same thing and found my own solution: