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August 27, 2012

Free mathematician wallpapers

Michael Campbell has created a series of posters featuring Euclid, Fibonacci, Newton, and other geniuses of math and science. The poster backgrounds with their subtle gradations are available as computer wallpapers here. I just added the blue-green design to my desktop to change things up. (Briefly.) My desktop usually likes to be orange, of course.


Unknown said...

Very cool! Just put the Finonacci one up as my desktop wallpaper. Thanks for posting the link!

Grandma G said...

If I quit stalking you and didn't comment (nearly) every day, would you worry about me?


P.S. Those stinkin' WORDS are getting harder and harder. Took me about six tries the last time I commented. I'm on my 3rd try now.

Jessica Jones said...

Yes, I would worry!

Grrr, sorry about the word things. I just hate all the spam so much when I take off the verification. If you can't stand it anymore, tell me.

Kathy W said...

Very cool. Thanks!

Bipasha said...

Never imagined Maths could be so beautiful ;)

shari said...

thank you so much!!! you always have the coolest finds. i love the crafty and geeky combinations. my husband and i enjoy everything you post. i incorporated the alphabet papercrafts into our homeschooling.

and i'm a mathematician so i LOVE these.