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September 23, 2011

Make your own wall art

Folks planning to spruce up the house might enjoy these budget-friendly DIY wall art projects. Some cool ideas for sad and naked walls:
Woodgrain contact paper stripes from Maude at Apartment Therapy
Trendy pinwheel painting by Elise Blaha Cripe
A canvas full of words from Alisa Burke
Log wall display by Liv and Jeff McMillan at Curbly

As for me, I've got another chair makeover planned for the weekend. If it's a success, I'll show you next week. If it flops, just pretend I never mentioned it.


whyducks said...

Love the logs, a great idea!

Grandma G said...

We didn't do MY wall art while you were here, y'know. The hoops. Remember?

If your chair makeover flops, it just means you shoulda brought it here. ;)


able mabel said...

my fav is the pinwheel

mbwife said...

the word painting was a keeper!

Sarah said...

Shoe polish...who knew?!

Display Homes Perth said...

Artistically beautiful. What a blast! You've indeed inspired me. I love the look, they look so unique and the pinwheel is truly captivating.

Jillian said...

I love the pinwheel. I tried doing it before and it was hard:( I admire those who can do it evenly.

id like to share that im into making standees. yup,DIY

standees. i love the idea of turning every picture I want

into a life-sized memorabilia!theyre great for pictures too!

I got mine here:

You just have to try them!
Have fun!