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May 31, 2011

Floral desktop wallpaper from June Craft

Kayanna of June Craft is offering a free, vintage-esque floral desktop wallpaper design. Go grab it here!


Grandma G said...

How pretty! And just our colors! :)

Emily said...

I just had some repairs finished on my computer and NEEDED a new wallpaper. This one is perfect for the summer!! Thanks!

Paul said...


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Bek said...

I am in love. Putting it up now!

ane pixestos said...

Greetings, Jessica! What a cheerful pick-me-up. I've just put it on the computer, and did not know how the screen could glow when it is orange - shiny happy, as they say.
So, thank you, and wishing you a wonderful week, Greta

Niki said...

paul, thanks for that, glad that people are about cutural issues as well as the norm!

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

Wow, this is really cute.

pinless tarjetas de llamar said...

I have also many creative design in my mind. Me wana publish them on this blog..

Annie Pazoo said...

Looks like Norwegian rosemaling. Love it!