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September 17, 2010

DIY projects for the weekend

I'm sure you're all reeling from yesterday's one-or-two spaces controversy, and perhaps some of you didn't sleep last night. To calm things down to How About Orange's usual innocuous level, how about some DIY projects? Woman's Day magazine has a nice collection of craft projects, many excerpted from popular books. Some examples to try:
Easy cafe curtains
Waffle bath mat from Scandinavian Needlecraft
Pyramid painting from DIY Art at Home
Embellished handbag from Bags in Bloom


Grandma G said...

Whew! What a relief after yesterday!! ;)


Tati said...


This weekend I'm going to work on some paintings. I did a lot of housework this week, that I said myself "okay, saturday and sunday are all mine"!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


hi-d said...

I love those curtains! May do that type of thing for the Nursery. :)

STacey said...

I think I must have missed something yesterday. I hope were not arguing over whether to put one or two spaces after the period in a sentence. Just kidding. Now I need to back track to catch up. These are adorable DIY's. Have a great weekend!

Traci Michele said...

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Bek said...

So after going back to yesterday's post that I missed and catching up on the drama, I can dive right into these weekend ... oh. Wait. No. After all that drama, I'm just drained.

Thanks for the cute ideas, though! I love the links because it gives me one more way to drive my husband batty. ;)

Maxabella said...

A good reminder to do something creative today!! x

Fabulous Terrah said...

Oooh! the kitchen curtain one looks like it would be right up my alley. Thanx for sharing! ♥ !

Katie Cannon said...

I love the bag that you have featured in this post, It is very beautiful. I would love to make on of these.

Mariona said...

Great ideas! but for the pyramid painting, I have a better idea to use the potato. Instead of cut the potato (triangle) so small, you can cut it longer and it easier to hold in ypur hands.
(sorry for my poor english...)


Watotodesign said...

Loving these ideas. Thanks for sharing. :-)