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September 18, 2009

Lena Corwin desktop wallpaper

Sorry for the sporadic posting this week, guys. I'm a bit swamped with work. But that hasn't stopped me from enjoying some quirky desktop wallpaper by Lena Corwin for Design*Sponge (detail above). I keep losing files on this background of little objects, but who cares. It's fun. Get yours here, in tan or blue.


Cristin said...

sweetnesss! thanks for sharing!

alice said...

I love it too - I have the blue. I agee about not noticing icons against it - it has spurred me on to be tidier.

Audrie said...

I saw those the other day and fell in love too! So cute :)

Kaitlin Erin said...

the candlesticks are my favorite :)

She Can't Decide said...

oh! I love this! Thanks for sharing, I like to change my desktops a lot.

Anonymous said...

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