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March 04, 2008

Things to make with fabric

Some project ideas with instructions:

Amy Butler's yoga bag
Little girl's ruffled skirt from Grand Revival Design
Shoulder bag from Tiny Happy
How to reupholster an office chair at Curbly
Painted fabric wall art from Anna Maria Horner at Martha Stewart
Baby burp cloths at A Chelsea Morning
Lula Louise's reversible shoulder bag
Many kinds of headbands from Altered Cloth

(Fabric above is Whisper Wing from


Jen said...

Thanks for the links. I am going to making one of the shoulder bags.

Grandma G said...

I love the look of that office chair! So bright and cheerful! I could imagine it in any of your fabrics.


Lisa said...

Wow, what cool projects, the skirt is so cute! I went on the blog and she had such great step by step instructions (considering I don't sew worth a bean.)
Thanks for sharing such great stuff!

orange you lucky! said...

I love that fabric from Reprodepot!
Also, thanks for all the tutorial links! I might actually make that skirt! Thanks!

Barb said...

Well, this explains why I'm suddenly getting inundated with comments on the burp cloth tutorial I did a year ago. LOL

Thank you for the link, Jess.

this is my first visit to your blog. It certainly won't be my last.

What a great site you have!

Anonymous said...

Great post today. I love all Amy Butler things. But my favorite was the office chair. I usually despise the look of those stuffy chairs, but I would be more than happy to have that in my home:)

steph said...

Thanks for the links. Lots of inspiration.

paperseed said...

Nice selection. Thanks for sharing. I hope to make some of those burp cloths for a friend in the near future.

Anonymous said...

hot dog am I glad to have clicked across your site.
I have a Tin armless dining room chair with no cushion. It appears to have once had a cushion, but now it is long gone. There is no wood just the tin bottom with some holes that appear to have once held a cushion to it. Do I have to have a wood bottom or could I just put a foam piece on the tin and cover it with fabric?
anybody have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the great project links!

Love that fabric!

Lyz said...

Those are awesome projects! Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

you could put foam on the chair, but you would need to attach the fabric to something. Why not make a loose cushion with some ties or tabs that attach around the back posts? (I did the office chair)
I can't figure out how to post comments under my name. ??

Anonymous said...

There are so many fabulous things to make with fabric. I just did a post on covering artists stretcher frames with fabric to create your own wall art. Any of your gorgeous fabrics would look amazing if used in this fashion!

Anonymous said...

great links. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. I bookmarked a *few* of those to return to at a later date. : )

Maria said...

ooh... thank you very much for the links. Now.. if only i had learned how to sew! lol.

Anonymous said...

fun links!
I just got a new sewing machine, so I'm itching for cool projects... although I guess I really gotta figure out how to sew first! LOL!

I love your site!!! : )

HKpowers said...

I love this fabric, just got it in black, grey and yellow at a LFS. Thanks for the great ideas and links~

Beth said...

Thanks for linking to my Reversible Shoulder Bag pattern! I really enjoy your blog and seeing what another graphic designer is interested in and doing.