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November 05, 2007

Fall craft projects

If you feel a hankering to make some decorations before Thanksgiving rolls around, here are some ideas:

Twig coasters at Martha Stewart
Ultrasuede leaf placemats, also from Martha
Those fall leaf garlands everybody was making last year. Martha's leaf template seems to have disappeared when her new site launched, so you can use this one instead.
Roses made from maple leaves at haha.nu
Felted acorns made by Betz White


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these - I'm going to have to try those twig coasters!

all over the map said...

Thanks for the lovely crafties, and especially for sharing. I didn't seem to see the roses craft at haha.nu?
I like the garland, and the whip up site . . . oh goodie!

Jessica Jones said...

Click the link for "roses" instead of the link for haha.nu. Sorry if that's confusing.

love.boxes said...

those are all so lovely.. November must be a favorite month will all the beautiful oranges and ambers and reds outside. It's been so lovely this year!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Cheeky sent me here, and I'm so glad she did--I love all these ideas, and your page is just so cozy :)

craftyclaire said...

Thanks for that, it inspired me and my son to make a leaf garland and do some printing.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts! Please check out my holiday tutorial on how to make pine cone turkey name cards on my blog at http://caroleldridge.typepad.com
thanks so much,


Vickie said...

Thank you so much for posting these!
They are great!