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October 05, 2007

Pumpkin carving stencils

Blog reader Christina emailed me about these cool World Wildlife Fund pumpkin stencils you can download from HP right here. Which prompted me to search for more downloadable stencils. Check these out:

• Stencils from Hersheys and Pumpkin Masters
• Some nice carving and decorating ideas from Parents.com
• Some odd, dramatic, and/or gruesome carving ideas at Extreme Pumpkins (here's my fave)
• Tips on everything from carving to lighting to photographing your jack-o-lantern at Pumpkin Carving 101

(Images from HP)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can't wait to start carving pumpkins this weekend. Have you also checked out bhg.com? the have a pumpkin stencil maker that lets you design your own and print it out. It's pretty neat.

Thanks for the awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those excellent ideas!

Sunset magazine had some good one's in their October issue too:

Oh - and I love your new "do". . . way to go!

Anonymous said...


OK - so clearly that link didn't come across the right way! You can get there by going to the Sunset Magazine home page: www.sunsetmagazine.com, and clicking on "Great Halloween Projects".

Catherine said...

I love it! Great link line-up!

Anonymous said...

Cool! This is pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

maybe because it is so warm in NYC i keep forgetting it is pumpkin season...these are awesome though.

Jesser said...

Ooh! My hubby will love these. Thanks for the link.

Jessica Jones said...

Happy carving, everybody. Though I swear some of those are impossible and they just Photoshopped them onto pumpkin pictures.

Thanks for the link, Eileen!

Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkins!

Tip Junkie said...

Thank you so much for the great sites! I gave you a "Great Tip Award" for all the info. Thanks!

Rogers Place said...

Great info and very good links. Like the lion on in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Check out http://www.stoneykins.com
They have 100's of awesome Patterns