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September 08, 2007

Paint your place

Behr Paints has a new tool on their site called Paint Your Place. You can take photos of your house and upload them, then test different paint colors on your walls. For $4.95 a year, you can play with unlimited photos. Being the fairly cautious person that I am, and never having painted a room before, when we moved into our place I took photos and did the same thing using Photoshop. It was really helpful. I ruled out some bad ideas quickly without wasting lots of time painting. So if you're not a Photoshop user, this tool looks like the next best thing.

(Image from Behr)


zobars said...

I am not a photoshop user and this would be a good tool for an amateur like me. thanks for posting about this.

Wendy said...

Benjamin Moore's website has the same thing, but I downloaded it for free a couple of years ago (not that 5 bucks isn't practically free, though!).

And you're right, it works really well for weeding out the awful colors, the 'what was I thinking' type stuff.

Liene Stevens said...

what a great resource! thanks for sharing. I am moving soon and am sure I will be using this often. :)

CandiRose said...

I just found your page, and let me tell you I absolutely LOOOOVE IT!