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July 11, 2007


Here are some things from our living room that I like.

Candleholder that was an appreciation gift from church for doing lots of pro bono graphic design work. (This is not an invitation for future clients to pay me in candleholders. But this was a sweet gesture.)

Big emperor-sized stone stamp that Chinese friends engraved with our honorary Chinese names on the bottom. Lovely plate from my friend Kristin. Cacti that's fortunately hard to kill but needing bigger pots.

Fuzzy ball, somehow made of cattail, that we bought on a trip to St. Louis because we thought it was cool. Everyone who comes over asks what it is and pets it.


Amy said...

I love the fuzzy ball! I live in St. Louis...where did you get it???

Jessica Jones said...

I think it was from Uma. I know for sure it was a small shop right in downtown; I'm just not positive what it was called. We went to a couple places that afternoon. I've only been to St. Louis once, but I loved it!

Alexandrialeigh said...

I am very peeved that you cannot order anything from Dania online or have anything from their stores shipped to you. The leather couches are such great prices, and gorgeous!

all over the map said...

The Chinese stone stamper; how neat is that and with your names in Chinese. Love that!