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January 24, 2007

Tea time

Here's an idea to dress up your Valentine tea party or mail to a tea-drinking friend. Carefully take apart a paper tea bag wrapper. Trace around the edges on some pretty paper. (You may need to add a fold-in glue tab to each side of the front of the envelope; most tea bag wrappers are sealed without tabs.) Glue or double-stick tape it together. Pull the tag off the end of the string. Sandwich the string between two cut-out heart shapes and glue together. Tuck the tea bag back into its new envelope and seal with a sticker, tape, or glue.


Anonymous said...

Soooo pretty! Nice paper! :-)


Anonymous said...

Very loverly! :)

trisha said...

very cute idea!

Jessica Jones said...

Thanks, guys.
I got this paper at Hobby Lobby (shopping trip with YBF--or is that MBF?) for anyone who wants some for a project.

Anonymous said...

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