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January 07, 2007

Retro fun

We spent last week in Arizona with friends. Our visit included a trip to The Shady Dell in Bisbee, an old copper mining town near the Mexican border. At The Shady Dell, guests stay in 1950's aluminum campers, each decked out with different vintage fabrics, appliances, and games. We LOVED it! We got a kick out of making Spirograph art, playing records, percolating some coffee, and watching Creature From the Black Lagoon. (Also check out the pix of the paint-by-number art and the siamese cat lamp with eerie glowing eyes.) Next time you're near Bisbee, you have to stay at the Dell!


kickpleat said...

oooh, i love bisbee! i was there during a southwestern roadtrip and i'm kicking myself for not staying at the shady dell. we totally planned on it and then at the last minute decided to push onwards to tuscon. boring!! love the photos and your blog!

Megumi said...

I love the pot and the little tea cup designed plate.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! If we're ever in Arizona, we will have to stay at the Shady Dell. I remember Spirographs, so much fun!

Momma Me said...

Bisbee is where I want to go to retire. I've been there a couple times and love everything about it. The windy hilly roads, the old painted signs on the buildings, the beautifully simple cottages, and the electic little shops.
I know I'm commenting on an old post but whenever I come upon a new blog I like to start from January :)