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December 13, 2006


Made some stockings for us out of felt and fleece. Click here to download the free stocking pattern I used from McCall's. (I ignored their directions and did my own thing.)


Unknown said...

Love your take on the pattern! Much better!

Jessica Jones said...

Thanks! Plus, I wasn't smart enough to understand their directions anyhow. :)

I should add: anyone who wants to make this might want to enlarge the pattern a little more than 200%, to make sure there's enough room for presents. I'm glad i did that.

trisha said...

just recently found your blog via cake + pie and what a great find! i love the bold pattern and the colors you used on these stockings.

Alfred T. Mahan said...

That's really very nice! Since I happen to have a younger sister who likes to craft (she makes my niece things, and made me sheets, for example), I think I'll try my hand at this to replace my somewhat worn current stocking for next year.

I'm thinking something in cream and buff, probably.

Jessica Jones said...

Buff! Listen to you! :) I don't even know what color that is! :) Fancy. Is buff similar to "fawn" or "camel" or any of those animals?