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September 04, 2007

Make a 3D desk calendar

The latest issue of Blueprint magazine featured interesting ways to spruce up your desk. Something in one of the photos caught my eye: a printable 3D desk calendar. And since I do love printing things, cutting things, and gluing things (see paper-related posts), I had to look up the link. You can enter the year you'd like and generate your own calendar here.


Megumi said...

I'll make one of each
and show them to my students!!!

Florence said...

They look fantastic...although I feel less enamoured about the making them bit...the mere mention of the word rhombus and the origami style instructions leave me feeling like it may result in my confusion...I'm going to send the link to my husband and get him to do one though :-)

Jess said...

What!??! You don't want to cut out and fold a dodecahexoid rhombotetravalent trapahedron desk calendar? Why not? Just kidding. I hear ya. Good luck, Florence's hubby. And Megumi.

Bhavna said...

You should officially be called 'the coolest stuff finder'!

Love this (though don't think I will have the patience or the dexterity to try this one out!) and the flickr tool! :-)


rumblekid. said...

saw this in blueprint and loved it too! had some difficulty putting it together though... how did you get the last sides to glue? argh!

Terri C / Texas said...

Thanks again sharing another cool site. I can't wait to make one or two : )

kate said...

Jess, you rock. I saw this in Blueprint yesterday and wanted to feature it on GDBar later today, but didn't have the mag handy. And of course it's impossible to find on the Blueprint site. So I thought, "I bet trusty How About Orange linked to this... that's right up her alley..." And sure enough... :) Thanks!

Jess said...

That's so funny, Kate! Glad to oblige!

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