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January 06, 2007

Baby stuff to make

Some people near and dear to me are pregnant right now, which has inspired me to look for baby project tutorials:
Fleece hats from Martha Stewart (maybe for some bigger babies)
Booties from Heather Bailey
More booties from Martha
Still more booties from Star Dust Shoes
Ribbon pillows for a kid's room from JCaroline Creative
Onesies decorated using freezer paper stencils from Unwind
Baby kimonos from Martha
Appliqued bibs from JoAnn
Plush bunnies from Wee Wonderfuls
Night lights from Martha


Anonymous said...

Please post more like this. I have so many ideas for my own baby and for gifts for friends. Thank you.

Jessica Jones said...

Good luck with your projects, Andrea! I've got a few more ideas I want to try, too. Stay tuned. :)

Cheryl Arkison said...

Okay, so a year late...
Did you ever make any of the baby kimonos? I made one for my girl. I found the directions confusing, but once I started making up my own it was quite easy. Results here:

Jessica Jones said...

Haven't tried it yet! I tried to take a peek at yours, but an internet glitch with Blogger prevented me. I'll try again later!