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February 17, 2010

Computer desktops and backgrounds

Find an enormous stash of free desktop wallpapers and background patterns, all designed by Sarah at Totally Severe. According to Sarah's bio, she was raised and educated by pirates. That explains a lot of the wackiness in her artwork, I imagine. Pirates are always so silly.

And a tip about background patterns for the non-computer savvy: when you download a file and want to make the pattern cover your desktop or Twitter page, there should be an option called "Tile" in your settings. Select it, and the pattern will repeat across your screen.


Sarah Sarniak said...

These are cool, thanks for sharing.

h said...

I also love this wallpaper. There's a whole collection of nice ones here, too.

Cute collection!

Jessica Jones said...

Ooo, nice! I hadn't visited the Kitsune Noir site since last fall, and there are lots of cool new ones there!

Grandma G said...

You know I LOVE pirates!!!

coolhntr said...

i love these and they are totally necessary when you work on your computer 12 hours a day!

Emily said...

These rock, thank you! PS - I would love to be raised by pirates, good times ;)

Vintage Love & Photographs said...

Thanks for sharing, that link is great!

Becky said...

Cool find!

Raised by Pirates you say? Bah, who wasn't?


My Owl Barn said...

Thanks for sharing! These are awesome!

Kristi said...

Lovely wallpaper selection she has...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are so awesome! My work computer desktop is the "proverbs" wallpaper and my iPhone now says "Harry Potter is the gateway drug to hard literature" -- It's a teacher's dream :) AWESOME!!!! Thanks Jessica!

kate said...

I teach in a Korean school and my vice principal (with limited English) always comes by and examines my wallpapers and asks for a translation when there's words on it. I'm excited to see what will happen with the "Proverbs" background!

Unknown said...

awesome. I have been looking for some funky wallpapers! Thanks!

Christy クリスティ said...

I adore this site to pieces! Thank you Jess for sharing this. :)

Jenny said...

What a really cool blog. Came over to take the color quiz...(strangely right on) and ended up spending too much time looking through your other posts. Very, very cool! Thanks for all the effort you put into this! Neat!

Unknown said...


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Liz's Barefoot Books said...

My son loves wallpaper so he's going to love this idea!

susan said so said...

What a great find!



Nice! I like this site too They have some great patterns.

Rose said...

Thanks for the link!