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May 08, 2014

Arrow iPad case

Alex has taken over my old iPad case, so Mum sewed me a new one from Orchid Arrows. The pattern is Erin Erickson's Gadget Guard, and I love it. Nicely padded with Soft & Stable, but not bulky. A perfect fit for my antique iPad.

The pleated pocket on the front can hold a charging cord, pens, small notebook, cash, love letters, or photos of your hamster.

The pattern has options for putting the zippers on the long or short side, leaving the pocket off, and sizing it for any device up to one inch thick.

Of course I requested orange zippers to go with the purply-pink arrows, but the turquoise zips Mum put on her own case with the navy background look almost as fabulous.

P.S. I just learned that Erin's patterns are all 25% off through Sunday, May 11. Correction: Monday, May 12. Go shopping!


Tiffany B. said...

Love that you said hamster in the pocket! Your mom does great work!

Grandma G said...

According to the countdown clock on Erin's blog, the patterns are on sale through Monday, the 12th. Sorry I mislead you, but she mislead me on her blog post today. I think she's just a bit excited about getting engaged or something. ;)

Turquoise beats the orange any day. ;)


Grandma G said...

Please don't put your hamster in the pocket (even though it would fit)... just a photo, please! ;)

And thank you, Tiffany. :)

Jessica Jones said...

I think a gerbil or small kitten might also fit.

Grandma G said...

I do have six VERY small kittens. I bet they'd almost ALL fit in there! I should've sent them to you in it!!!


Emma @ said...

Cute! I'll have to check out that pattern.

Estela said...

Your mom is an amazing seamstress! I bought the two zip hipster pattern after seeing it on your blog! I'm considering getting this one, hmmmm... :)

Anuncios gratis said...

Great and funny

Anh Pham said...

These are lovely! You both are so talented!

rosa said...

yes....good work of your mother , I love