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March 14, 2014

Liquid gold leaf on paper

I tried painting yesterday's Liquid Leaf on paper to see what would happen. It creates a lovely metallic lustre.

Liquid Leaf does soak through paper a bit, though. I tried spraying a sheet with a quick coat of clear acrylic sealer first to see if that would help, but it didn't change much. Still, it's no problem if you want to paint some prints for framing or paste the gold-painted paper onto something else.


Grandma G said...

And how did it work on Alex's computer?


Larissa Holland said...

Clever clogs! That has a lot of potential: printing awesome typography on dark paper and then goldifying it by hand! May need to try that! Thanks for the steady stream of great ideas from your valuable brain.

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Jeanine H said...

Ummm.. "What she (larissa) said!"

Melanie Allred said...

I'd love to hear (or see) any ideas you might have for gold leaf flakes. I have a bag of pretty, varied hued flakes that you can "paint" onto a variety of surfaces. They're different than paint though, in that you have to "apply" them.

Jessica Jones said...

I have a pendant made from polymer clay with gold leaf applied to part of the shape so it sort of looks dipped. You might try gilding some clay jewelry...

Diana said...

This looks great. I love gold just now.

I have used liquid silver before on cards and it does bleed even with card stock. I love the consistency of it, as its so easy to paint with a fine brush.

In the past, Ive put a lining on my paper (either origami paper or something Ive printed), and adhered that to the reverse with contact paper. This hides the bleed through, though only necessary if you are needing it to be double sided.

Shayden Whipps said...

Have often wondered how liquid metallic's work.

I might use in our next upcycle blog with artwork

Thanks for sharing! - moochstyle