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February 07, 2014

Mini DIY washi tape Valentine notes

I was inspired by Patricia's post and Ellie's business cards to make some tiny Valentine's Day notecards using washi tape and baker's twine. These little babies are 2.25" square. To make your own using tape (or decorate however you like), download and print out the blanks I made:

Notecard printable PDF

Print and cut out the cards, then align a couple strips of tape on the front and trim off the edges.

Use a 1/8" hole punch or scissors to notch the edges to keep the twine in place.

Wrap the cover with twine, tie, and write a scandalous message inside. Make mini envelopes out of coordinating paper if you're feeling ambitious!


Grandma G said...

I'm surprised you didn't print a scandalous message in your templates!


ali said...

THese are so cute. I just ordered washi tape via Amazon. SO excited. I learned about your website years ago from my friend, Darcy, and I've been reading ever since. Not sure if I've ever commented, but I love everything that you do. I am going to print your templates. So clever! Thank you, too, for all of the free font recs. I've downloaded every one you have recommended.

Amy said...

I love them. ^_^ said...

I love how easy these are! Pretty little cards in a snap :).

Mrs. Harris Teaches said...

How do you make your mini enevelopes?

jintyoo7 said...

So sweet :)

Il Gufo Creativo said...

Grat work!
So simply and cute.

HawaiianLibrarian said...

Perfect little notes and tags can be made with your washi tape ideas. Mahalo for sharing!