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May 24, 2013

To wrap up the week

I'm happy to see my paper bow template being put to good use. Check out Jessica's nifty chevron version here.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!


Karazzies said...

Hey I wanted to shout out a thanks too - I used your template (enlarged it) for a housewarming gift I gave. I posted it on Instagram and tried to credit you with it, but I don't think you're on there. Happy weekend!

maisondjeribi said...

Happy long weekend to you too !
You may like to check the ORANGE projects I just posted at !
Love your blog.

Jessica Jones said...

Karazzies, that's great! You're right, I'm not on Instagram.
Maisondjeribi, wow, it's literally an orange project. Neat!

naira said...

I love it!! It so nice!! If you want I´m in Instagram: #misslunasylunares .
And my blog is:

Kisses from Spain.


Ele said...

Hi Jessica, I used your template of bows and stamped it smaller. I copied it on fabric and felt for adornments of hair. I hope that you like this application.

Thank you from Spain

pencil drawings said...

really look wonderful, love it. :)

Sara Tall said...

I used your pattern to wrap my sister's birthday present. I did red paper and a brown bow. Thanks!

MarĂ­a Heidi said...

I love it! I used on my mothers day gift ( ) ... I am wating for another gift giving oportunity ti try in neon paper!

thanks for your generosity n.n

penyakit maag said...

thank you for sharing with us

Jessica Jones said...

I love seeing and hearing what you guys did with the template. Thanks for sharing, all!

Anonymous said...

I love these just printed a ton to make!

Terri said...

Hey, Jessica! It was a happy day when I chanced upon your blog via Stumbleupon. I quickly jumped at the chance to download your free bow template, which I absolutely love! Thanks! Here's what I eventually did with mine: hairclips to give to my cousin's two daughters. Hope you like 'em! ^^ Terri

Tied with a Bouw said...

Hi lovely!

I too have completed a little project using your fabulous bow template! I would love to share your tutorial on my blog, however, just wanted to make sure you didn't have any objections! Give credit where credit is due I say :)

Thanks so much!

Son x

Jessica Jones said...

Sure, feel free to mention the project and link over to my post with the template in it.