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May 13, 2013

Make large-format wall art from engineering prints

Engineering prints (also known as draft prints, blueprint copies or architect prints) are currently all the rage with home owners looking for cheap DIY wall art. The grainy, photocopy-quality prints have a sort of vintage-looking charm, and you can't beat the price! It appears that most folks are outputting their large-format photos, quotes, and chalkboard-inspired art at Staples for a cost of $3-$7. To make your own posters, check out these projects for tips:
Above, giant photobooth wall art at Luxe Chandelier
Below, blown-up photos of photos by Jabaay Ave
Also see how to send images to Staples for printing and make a big frame by Dear Lillie
And don't forget my favorite: Designs Editor's free camera images.


Emily said...

I've seen this idea around, and really like it! I especially like those the vintage camera ones!

girby said...

I remember doing prints of my artwork in college.. a long time ago. If I remember, they are fairly sensitive to light and don't last long. But would be fun for a season.

Alexandra said...

Love love the giant photobooth idea!

Kate said...

My local Staples has caught on to the trend and will no longer print the large format photos at the cheap engineer print cost :[ BOO!!

Jessica Jones said...

I guess not surprising, since people's photos are using up way more toner than an engineering drawing would.

Anonymous said...

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jelly andrews said...

I never thought that there is another use for blue prints. And it is really a cute one. I love it. Thanks anyway for sharing this information.

paintsewgluechew said...

Fab idea. I used engineer prints to make decorations for a primary school leavers party (with inspirational quotes).

Luckily staples here havent realised yet!