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April 09, 2013

Vespa made from recycled packaging

Look what just came in the mail from South Africa: a little Vespa, crafted by hand from recycled tin. I looove it! The seat feels like textured leather, the wheels have tire treads and actually turn, and the kickstand folds up and down.

A few weeks ago, Tyrone Rubin emailed me to introduce a new web shop called Stribal, a site offering handmade things from artisans in Africa. I gave it a couple mentions here and there, and as a surprise, he sent me this Vespa, one of the products from the site!

Find the little tin models right here. You can get Beetles, motorbikes, pickups, Jeeps, and more. Pretty amazing. Maybe you need a really unique gift for someone, or a model for your desk or bookshelf?


Grandma G said...

Miss C thinks that's really cute! She... um... also thinks I should get one for my... um... doll.


Jessica Jones said...

Ha! Too small for your doll, though!

Grandma G said...

Not to ride... just to play with. :)


Hanasaurusrex said...

so cute! and very cool!! and I expected them to cost more for all the tiny detail :o these would definitely make great gifts!

Unknown said...

How cute is that? !!! Gorgeous! Such clever peeps x

Laura said...

Love this! Such a great idea for a gift!

Caitlin Jean said...

Proudly South African, I am!

Peony and Thistle said...

I love this! A fabulous example of creative upcycling!

Kang Tatang said...

wow .. One word for this masterpiece.. "Great" bravo.

Like this very much- I'll Try to make one for my self base on your work ^_^

thanks (Y)

Leyla Torres said...

This is so nice, full of character and spirit. I hope they sell many of these!

Unknown said...

i lovee this so awesome!

Tyrone Rubin said...

Thanks Jessica.

I am from Stribal which sells the Tinteez. Since this post we have received an overwhelming amount of requests.

I would like to thank everyone and let you all know that we are currently going through the stock and will be adding the items for sale in the coming days.
So far we have put the Vespa's that are available up for sale. Please see here

We will let everyone know when the rest of the Tinteez products that we have available will be up.
Including the Beetle you enquired about.

Many Thanks and Much Love from Africa