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December 13, 2011

Make your own Christmas decorations

Here are tutorials for a handful of unique holiday decorations. There's plenty of time left to make them... along with shopping and wrapping and mailing and cooking and hosting and visiting. No problem. Right? Try your hand at these projects:

Felt Christmas ornaments at The Purl Bee
Paper bag wreath at Bloesem Kids
Helvetica stockings from Teal & Lime
Amigurumi bear ornaments (make pandas, koalas, and teddies) using this pattern by All About Ami


Grandma G said...

Yeah, "plenty of time"... "no problem". Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Can't wait to see you, though!! :)


Luisa said...

I shouldn't even look at this post I'm afraid of more good ideas.

softearthart said...

Thanks, so cool, cheers Marie

Shannon said...

So cute! I love the wreath.

Jackie said...


Thank you for including our stockings in this great roundup!

CitricSugar said...

Thanks for the stocking link! I love them. Too cool.

able mabel said...

I'm all over the felt ornaments. Our tree is pretty bare this year and I have a lot of felt laying around.

Bose said...

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for linking to my crocheted teddy ornaments pattern :)

Pullga said...

I love every new "make by yourself" thing. Long december evenings are great for this.