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July 08, 2010

Argyle desktop wallpaper freebie

If you like pink and navy, go download argyle desktop wallpaper from Kellie Medivitz!


The Domestic Princess said...

Ummm...I'm in love

Grandma G said...

Oooohhh.... that makes argyle actually look pretty! ;)

P.S. I hate that the word verification letters never show up the first time around lately. Anybody else having that problem?

Dana said...

Love it! I'm an argyle fanatic!

waywardmedic said...

@Grandma G I've been having the same problem.

Andrea said...


Lesleigh said...

I just wish we could change the colors!

Kim said...

Ah, but I bet my favourite cycling team's kit appeals to you; can't beat a bit of orange and blue argyle

Jeana said...

Oh how cute

Jess said...

Howdy Mom and other commenters. I've turned off word verification and turned on comment moderation. Some nice spammers have taken to leaving 200 spam comments at a time lately, and I'm sick of removing them after they're published. At least I'll be able to delete them before you guys have to see them now. Turning off word verification may be asking for trouble, but let's try it! It will be easier for y'all.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I first read your title as "Angry desktop wallpaper freebie." LOL! Thanks for the wallpaper link.

I have the same problem that Grandma G has on some blogger blogs. I resolved that by first signing into my gmail account. If that doesn't work, then I use another browser for those blogs.

Grandma G said...

"Y'all"??? Where did that come from? I thought you went to the NW, not the South!


(And I still have to re-enter my password and attempt to post a 2nd time.) (Or maybe I did actually enter it wrong the 1st time, but I doubt it. Just a blogger annoyance, is my guess.)

nikolina100 said...

cuteness patootness!!

Hi...I am a huge fan of your blog and have passed on an award to you.
You can pick it up here:


Etieneps said...

Hey, my first free twitter background:


Missy said...

Oh these are beautiful! Absolutely adore the colours!

I have a giveaway going if you would like to enter. It's here:

Love Missy

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have given you the Beautiful Blogger Award because I think that you have a great blog.

Have a great day!
My Delicious Ambiguity

Kellie Medivitz said...

Thank you so much for the spotlight Jessica. It's was such a nice surprise.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the desktops!

Kellie : )

Jenn Erickson said... it! Love, love, love argyle, and the color combo...sensational! Thank you!

Jenny Lou Who said...

Thank you for posting the link!

Torrie said...

So... just got back from vacation last week and I am finally getting caught up on your posts (I know it won't be quick since there's always so much good stuff here!!).

Like the argyle:).