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August 08, 2007

World of Good

World of Good has been featured in Domino, Real Simple, and a ton of other publications. "At World of Good, Inc., we create opportunities for hundreds of artisan cooperatives around the world to share their best work with you by serving as a bridge to the U.S. retail market. We respectfully assist artisans by providing access to fair wages, safe working conditions and long-term economic sustainability."

Visit the shop for "ethically sourced gifts, housewares, and accessories." A cool sampling:
(Images from World of Good.)


Thryn said...

Wow, I think we both wrote a post about World of Good at the EXACT SAME TIME! I wrote a post about them for my blog last night (which posted this morning) and I even included one of the same bags in my photos, and the same quote! Crazy. I've bought a handful of things from them and can say first hand that their stuff is great and their bags are really nice.

I like all of your posts from this week.


Nonnahs said...

Thanks for reminding me of this website! I need to buy a friend a b-day gift and was trying to remember good, fair trade options. This is perfect!

Liz Ness said...

I really love your posts linking us to such giving-minded sites! Thanks so much!

Liz said...

I love the thread of thought that led up to this post, and I am so excited by the interest I see in ethical purchasing. So thank you!

I think another important challenge is to make our love of beautiful things both socially responsible and environmentally sustainable too. For example, not many people know that the corals used in jewelery like that bracelet are VERY slow growing (<1mm per year) and badly threatened by trade.

This is not meant to criticize, and I know I feel overwhelmed trying to do the right thing, because it feels like there's always something else...

I really just want to say that we've got a long way to go, and every bit helps! Thank you so much for starting the conversation!

Jess said...

Liz, thanks for your comment! According to the website, the bracelet is made of a "sustainably harvested rainforest nut," but I'll readily admit I don't know the first thing about sustainability and environmental responsibility. But I'd like to learn more. Thanks for continuing the dialog!

Jess said...

And thryn, that's very, very weird. :)

lovely lindsay said...

"world of good" is the very reason my bill at wild oats grocery is waaaaay more than some fresh veggies should be. i can't go in there without snatching up a little lovely of theirs. thanks for reminding me. hmmm. i think i might just need some fresh tomatoes now. =)