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August 30, 2007

Peppers. Lots of them.

We're growing sungold cherry tomatoes, a bunch of herbs, and three kinds of peppers on our back landing: cayenne, yellow banana, and spicy cherry peppers (shown above). My favorite thing to do with the banana peppers is put them on grilled Hebrew National jumbo hotdogs. But what to do with the billions of cayenne and cherry peppers? I made some chili, but that's it so far. They're definitely hot little buggers. Recipe ideas, anyone?


Anina said...

You could dry the cayenne peppers for use in recipes and maybe pickle the cherry ones to eat on tacos, etc.

Anonymous said...

we had a bumper pepper crop one year; I pickled a lot of them, and chopped and froze the rest. We love to use the chopped, frozen peppers in cornbread — we used the recipe on the back of the Quaker corn meal box, amped up with a couple of extra tablespoons of brown sugar and a glob of honey. Hot, but divine.

Miss S said...

Those peppers are gorgeous.

No recipe ideas, though, sorry.

Miss S

Charli said...

Lots of stir fry! Add just about any kind of meat (beef, chicken, pork, w/e) some potatoes, or rice or noodles, oil, your peppers, season how you like (soy sauce, season salt, garlic, onion, w/e), and presto. You can go Mexican, Chinese, Indian, etc. just depending on how you season.

There are lots of Middle Eastern foods you might try as well- in fact I just posted yesterday on my blog about taboule, a traditional Lebanese food (my hub's part Lebanese).

Emily said...

First comment here, so hello! We have cayene and adobe peppers growing on our patio. Last night I sauteed a few types of peppers with onion and garlic, then mixed in black beans for vegetarian tacos. It was really easy and tasty.

Lee Holloway said...

I'm from Italy, so sorry for my bad english. Here in Italy we cut away the 'cap' and we empty them. Then we prepare a cream with tuna fish, extra-vergin oil, capers, all mixed together. We fill the peppers with this cream and then we put them in a jar filled with oil. The more you keep them in the jar, the more they will be tasty!


Krysalia said...

you can try to fill the peppers, with a filling made of some chopped meat (same as in the sausages), diced mushrooms, garlic, herbs, and one egg.

You need to mix all the ingredients with the hands, then you open the peppers at the top, and fill them not exactly to the top with the meat.
you close them with some cheese. I usually take goat cheese because the size of the slice is exactly the size of the opening on the pepper :) .

you put the peppers in the holes of a muffin's baking tin (that helps them to stand), and you bake in a hot oven for 30 minutes, leaving the "hats" of the peppers on the side of the tin, not on the peppers.

it will look like this : , (this one was filled with rice and cheese :))

you can do this recipe with any tipe of soft peppers. Enjoy :)

MJ said...

I visit your site for some inpirations and thank you so much for such nice ideas.
Well as for the peppers...last year we also had a huge peppers production.
There are two things you can do:1 -You can dry it and use it later on food; 2 - make a kind of "salsa" with it just mixing olive oil, wisky or port wine, salt, some herbs like thym, basilico can add all the herbs you like and garlic. Live in a glass botle for at least 6 months...and voilá a perfect sauce for the grilled meat.

Sorry for my english, if you have any questions please email me. I'll be very happy to help you.


MJ said...

Sorry forgot to say that it comes out a very spicy sauce!

Bhavna said...

Hello! Nothing is better than homegrown veges and herbs! And love that shot of cherry tomatoes - very appetizing!

Felicia said...

They look beautiful and tasty.

Jess said...

Wow, thanks for all the ideas, everybody! Now I'm craving stuffed peppers and stir fry! I'll do it!

Anne said...

One year I made a swag of cayennes which I hung to dry in my kitchen. I tied together bunches in threes or fours using twin or wire. That can be very attractive. Lots of good ideas here in the comments. p.s. I love your blog, i've used your ideas to make wall art for my walls.

alex said...

I know this is an older post, but I was browsing through your archives and found this one.

I've made hot sauce from homegrown peppers before. Dice 'em pretty fine then cook them in a sauce pan with onions, vinegar, salt and garlic, or anything else you want to flavor it with. Toss that in a blender, and then strain it. You can control how hot it is with the amount of seeds you leave in.

I recycled a Cholula bottle-- the kind with the wooden tops. I etched a design the glass, and painted the top.

Tasty and cute.