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June 20, 2007

Some things you can make

Lenticular images from Photojojo
Fabric flowers at Wise Craft
A patchwork notebook cover from Craft Apple
Paper airplanes by Christian Lowe and John Collins at a site found by Paper Forest
A fabric wallet at Blissful
Huge paper pom-poms at Martha Stewart (perfect for party decor)
Fabric-covered wall panels at Bella Dia


dandelionink said...

Oh my gosh, I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it. I am a graphic designer too. I want to do more painting which I just love and I have started a blog, but have not had much art to put on it. I love how your blog is not just about your art. When did you start the blog, and why? Was it to showcase your art or just for fun. Also, I do like your design as well. Are you a freelance designer? Otherwise I don't know how you would have time to run this blog. I really love all the cool tips and downloadable things you put on here. I'll be back for sure!

At Home with kim vallee said...

The pom-poms are all the rage on the entertaining scene lately. They are fairly easily to make. I often throw a few Chinese lanterns into the mix.

The fabric-covered wall panels are great way to recycle fabrics. In an office, they look sharp.

In a previous post Jessica, you said you were looking for blogs on entertaining guests and party ideas; that is what my blog is all about. Come have a look.

Suzanne said...

I lurk all the time on your blog and I just have to tell you how much I love it as well as the great links to different tutorials you often post. Thanks!

Something You! said...

great links! I definitely will be testing some of these out this summer. I had planned on doing the pom-poms for my sister's bridal shower and forgot where I saw the instructions- so this is a great help!

liz said...

Nice blog!

elizabethdee said...

Thanks once again for more fabulous suggestions!

I was mentally thanking you today, when I got up the nerve to arrange the Blik surface graphics (a double order of Sweet 16 dots) on the hitherto blank living room wall that my husband has adamantly refused to hang any art on -- don't ask.

Have you checked on Robert Sabuda's web site? Paper Forest has a link to it. Sabuda is the creator of beautifully paper-engineered pop-up books and his site has a lot of downloads for pop-up cards. Fun, pretty, and if it's not exactly creative, it gives you the basic idea of how to make your own pop-up if you're so inclined. Maybe you and other readers would like it too.

Cassi said...

Hey Jessica, thanks so much for linking to my tutorial! I'll be checking out the other links too. You have a beautiful blog - it's always a pleasure to see what you're up to :)

Linny T said...

Thanks so much for the links to the awesome projects! BTW your blog is great - will be back regularly to check it out.

Lara said...

Hey Jess!

Got your comment on my blog - thanks!! Yeah when I make patterns I just use Illustrator alone. I've never really tried to use any plug-ins or anything. I just work to a grid in Illustrator and I turn my repeating element into a symbol... so when i make changes to it I can change it universally :)


Georgia said...

Thank you for the links! I made one of the wallets and love it :-)

cruststation said...

Fantastic links, thanks!

Janice said...

Ok...I've tried to make question is: do you tape two of them together to make it a ball like that? Because I never have enough to make it into a complete's more like a half ball or 3/4 ball. ARGH! Can you help me? And not to be bossy, but SOONER would be better than later, lol! I'm supposed to be making these for an anniversary party this weekend!!!!

Jess said...

Janice, what are you making? Tissue pom poms? No, I didn't tape anything together. Just patiently eased each sheet apart from the accordian bunch and tried to spread them out evenly and fluff them up.