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June 27, 2007

Get on the DIY bandwagon

Head over to the Design It Yourself website for project tips, a list of resources and links, and best of all, the downloads section. Here you can get printable PDFs for stuff, including my favorite, the Post Consumer T-shirt. Be sure to read the PDF's instructions, since you'll get some clever ideas for embellishing your shirt.


JHAYNE said...

ellen lupton is amazing! d.i.y. kids is also a great site to check out.

Alea said...

bought the book about a year ago but only discovered the site several months ago. great resource!

Tricia said...

thanks for the tip! I have not heard of the book or site before, what a great resource!

Jesse said...

Thanks for the link! Great site!

Green Chick said...

This is great!

Jessica, can you suggest a good online fabric store? I know there are a MILLION, but I have somthing specific in mind and I'm just lost. I could not think of who better to ask than you and your uber-stylish readers.

I am going to stretch it over a wood frame canvas for a large open white wall in my family room.

Colors: chocolate brown with robins egg blue.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the fantastic blog.

lindsey said...

The book is fabulous if you don't already have it. I can't wait to work with Ellen next year when I start the design graduate program at MICA.

Ashley said...

My daughter was two when she announced to the world that her favorite color is ornage, I spelled it the way she says it. So, when I stumbled upon this blog I was hooked. I have been loyal browser to your blog for a while, thanks for keeping me entertained.

Jess said...

Hey Green Chick,

If you scroll down my blog links, eventually you'll hit the "online fabric store" section. You could browse around in there. I'm sure there are some gorgeous high end designer fabrics out there for a billion dollars a yard, but I've only bookmarked the affordable ones. I've emailed Caroline at J. Caroline to see if she can think of something for you. You could also email Holly at because sometimes she features reader questions. And she's well-connected.

Good luck! Sounds like a cool project.

Mendy at Modern Charm said...

Can't wait to get some time to look at everything on the site! Thanks for the info.