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April 09, 2007

Free clip art from Dover

You can sign up to get links to free historical clip art emailed to you every Wednesday over at Dover publications. These are some samples (reduced size). The files you get are low res, but big enough to use for....something. For example, the William Morris print at the top was 6"x9". To browse the entire digital clip art library, click here.


Angie said...

I signed up for this about 2-3 months ago. It's a great service. I really love perusing the weekly offerings and chosing whatever strikes me. And you can't beat free!!

pamela said...

love your blog and thx for the tip!

Tusset said...

Thank you for that great tip! I've been looking for something like that... Love your blog!

Kelly said...

Very cool!

hallaren said...

Thanks for the link to the Dover page! I have an ongoing graphic conversation with my favorite five-year-old in Israel and this will be great for pics! We only send each other photos and pictures--a visual diary.

Sarah Jayne said...

Thanks for the information about the Dover freebies. I've signed up and am looking forward to some inspiration.
Great site ;-)

Anonymous said...

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