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March 17, 2007

Photo mosaic generator

Here's a fun online tool. Upload any photo, click a button, and presto! Your image is converted to a mosaic made of tiny photos from Flickr. Above is my original photo next to the finished product, shown at 10% size, followed by a full size detail. Very cool. Try it here!


Megumi said...

I did it! Fun! I'll put it on my blog, too!

jamie said...

i did it too, tres cool! you always have fantastic "time wasters" love how you call them that! :-)

Jess said...

Thanks, Jamie. That's because I'm really good at wasting time. :)

ali said...

Between Flickr and Blogger, I don't know if I need any more "time-wasters" but you have so many great ideas. Love this one. Thanks for sharing!

Bela said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Sidsel-Spagat said...

Great link and a great blog - glad to have found you via Oh Joy.
See my mosaic at my blog!

Anonymous said...

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deepikasd said...

my favorite photo mosaic maker is andreamosaic : .
i like it because you can use your own photos if you'd like. the only downside is that you need to download it... though on the bright side it's for free.