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February 19, 2007

Sitting around the house

Here's a small painting I did awhile back.


Janvangogh said...

This is delightful.

Joy Morykon said...

amazing colors. I love the look of your stuff!

Jessica Jones said...

Thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...

o my! i needed to see this website. such a beautiful painting. i've been taking far too long a break from my own artwork, and your lovely ideas and art are inspiring me!
...found you through oh joy!
have a beautiful day.. i'll be back for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have been enjoying your beautiful work for a while now, in secret. :) I would like to know, though, what do you use for the black outlines? I recently did some outlining for a painting, and at first I used a Sharpie (I paint with acrylics), and the ink didn't seem to sit too well on it. In the end I just used black acrylic paint, but boy, did that take for-friggin-ever.


Jessica Jones said...

Yeah. I've tried both of those things. The Sharpie worked beautifully for me on two acrylic paintings. Then mysteriously, Sharpies didn't want to work anymore. Paint is the best, but yes: takes a million years. Lately I've been using DecoColor paint pens (find them in art stores, often locked in glass cabinets so the kiddies don't sniff them, I guess). They've been working great, but are really shiny when they're dry, so I brush the finished painting with acrylic matte gel medium to tone it down. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I will try those. :)