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January 20, 2007

Photo and illustration sources

These sites might be helpful for folks in need of digital art.

The New York Public Library Digital Gallery contains a wealth of historical art and illustration. Most images are public domain, but the Library does charge a usage fee to license an image for commercial use. A great source of inspiration for patterns and antique designs.

iStockphoto, recently purchased by Getty Images, is an inexpensive source of royalty free stock photography and illustration. Prices range from $1-$15 (as opposed to $400 for a royalty-free image on Getty's site). Let's hope they stay this cheap.

I haven't used these before, but they're worth looking into: Fotolia, Big Stock Photo, and StockXPert.


Alfred T. Mahan said...

Huzzah! I am in awe...

Melkorka said...

wow, what a great links, thanks!