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November 06, 2006

Stuff you can make

These are links to instructions for making things:

Lined tote bags (this works! It's how I learned to sew bags.)
A skirt made out of old pants (haven't tried it, but I want to some day)
Decorative picture frames with clips (ditto)
Glass marble magnets (tons of fun, and you'll be so proud of yourself because they'll look great)

Anybody want to recommend other projects?


Anonymous said...

great list, but you need to do some more surfin' girl! ;-)

here is ONE of my lists of things I would like to try out:

Jessica Jones said...

Great! Thanks, Hanna! I do have a folder now of more bookmarked tutorials, and plans to post them eventually. (Unfortunately my poor readers are at the mercy of my own taste in projects :) And I just found some more good ones in your list! I appreciate it!