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January 29, 2007

Stayin' alive...

...I hope! I love this plant, a gift from Jim and Jill, and this pot that Alex gave me for Christmas from Sprout Home. I hope I don't kill it. The plant, I mean, not the pot. Pretty sure the pot is safe.

[Update: Yup. Killed it. Plant is now deceased.]


Anonymous said...

jess, your labeling of this plant as a "gift" is pretty generous. don't you think the blogosphere deserves the real story?

Jessica Jones said...

Okay, fine. Jim and Jill graciously agreed to babysit my ball moss (that's a plant) while we were gone over Christmas. I told them not to worry if it died; that would be okay. Apparently it got sickly and they felt compelled to replace it with something equally cool. Even though they didn't have to. They're nice like that. And they have a guilt complex.